Vission Technology Inc. Accoladed the “Top 50 Tech Companies” Award at InterCon, Las Vegas 2019

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Las Vegas, Nevada — July 01, 2019 — Vission Technology Inc. was honored with the “Top 50 Tech Companies” award for its significant contributions towards the technology sector at InterCon 2019, held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, on June 18–20, 2019.

Vission Technology Inc. was founded in August 2017. The foundation is based on strong partnerships with well-established technology companies in their respective fields. Since inception, the company has grown its operations team and gained industry recognition throughout Vancouver, Canada — one of the fastest-growing IT communities in the world. They provide geospatial data acquisition, analysis, and visualization services for clients. The staff has experts in LiDAR, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, mapping and enterprise data solutions. Whether planning site access or monitoring tailings ponds, they can rapidly deliver actionable insight and guarantee minimal disruption to clients’ operations.

When asked about the endeavors which enabled him in winning the award, Alvin Zhao, CEO of Vission Technology Inc, said, “First of all I’d like to thank the selection committee to select us to receive the award. At Vission Technology, we’re building a platform that will enable operational business to view their business from a very broad perspective to understand their site. So, we’re being very innovative at what we’re doing by applying the latest technology; for example: drones, UAV to capture the data, and our own GIS application that will be able to add it and also publish the data onto a room platform as a data repository making the business very easy to access information.” When asked about his vision, Zhao said, “Well, we want to use the technologies to enable the businesses to gather their data in an easy way, understand the data, and have access to real-time data at their finger-tips.”

When asked about the conference, Zhao said, “It’s been pretty amazing. The keynotes and panel discussions have been very informative. I’ve formed some really good connections that will help the businesses in the future.”

Alvin believes in the value of using innovative technologies to solve every-day business problems, which is the foundation of Vission Technology. Alvin has over 12 years of experience in application management and data analytics, with special emphasis on big data, data processing, and real-time systems. Throughout his career, he has led successful data analytics teams in North America, China, Japan, and several other countries.

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