Dr. Eric Luster Awarded the “Top 50 Tech Visionaries” Award at InterCon, Las Vegas 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada — July 01, 2019 — Dr. Eric L. Luster was honored with the “Top 50 Tech Visionaries” award for his significant contributions towards the technology sector at InterCon 2019, held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, on June 18–20, 2019.

Dr. Eric Luster is the CEO & Founder of Movement Interactive Inc., and a highly-respected innovator. After working for 14 years as a nuclear, biology, chemical specialist, research scientist and engineer in senior roles with the Department of Defense, Eric began his pioneering work in person-centered design of health care technologies in 2012, ultimately inventing Hiji Band, a device created to detect and report on Traumatic Brain Injury in youth sports.

When asked about the endeavors which made him win the award, Dr. Luster said, “I’d definitely say it was my hard work, dedication, and founding my company Movement Interactive Inc., that helped us in developing a solution for detecting and reporting concussions in real time. We’ve learned from all those successes and failures over the years. We’ve gotten into the R&D phases and we’re getting ready to launch the market”. When asked about his vision, Dr. Luster said, “Our vision is to create a device that we can deploy with new sports all around the world so that we can eventually turn it into a big company and do something about the concussion epidemic.”

As the current President & Chairman of the Board of Directors at Waymark Gardens senior living community, Eric spearheads the renovation and development of a Smart Facility designed to improve the safety, communication and experience of valued residents. He also sits on the Community Advisory Board for the Center of Innovation in Healthy and Resilient Aging (CIHRA) at Arizona State University, which focuses on advancing technologies that combats disease and provides innovative and technology driven solutions for seniors.

When asked about the conference, Dr. Luster commented, “It’s been excellent. We’ve been learning about Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining and made some really good connections. There are some companies with focus on robotics. It’s been great.”

Eric’s work has been featured on The Colbert Report, Fox 10, OSU TV, The Walden University Blog, Reddit, Crunchbase and ASU News. His innovative technologies were showcased in the Clinton Global Initiative for its social impact. In 2015, Eric was selected by the Arizona Republic as one of the Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35, received the top honor (Entrepreneur of the Year) at the 2014 Veterans Entrepreneurship Program and is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal, an elite honor awarded by the Army for technical expertise and performance.

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